General Contractor in Westwood


Based in the nearby community of Sherman Oaks, Addition Building & Design, Inc. has close ties to and years of experience working in the town of Westwood, California. We offer General Contracting services to:


Property owners

Houses, condominiums, office buildings and retail space, etc.


Small and Large Businesses

Office space tenant improvements, additions and new construction


Banks, Mortgage Companies, Real Estate Managers

Foreclosure unit renovation, preparation and expansions


Westwood Facts

Zip Codes: 90024 & 90027

Area code: 310

Population: 234,701

County: Los Angeles

State: California




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The City of Westwood, California

During the '80s and part of the '90s, Westwood Village was a popular hot spot for local and neighboring youth--from school kids to youth gangs like the Westwood Locals and the West Side Crazies. Starkey's Arcade was the meeting point for many young skateboarding scenesters.

Westwood's Theatres continued to appear as backdrops for Hollywood premieres but were also captured and immortalized in the annals of pop culture when director Spike Jonz shot the Fatboy Slim video Praise You in front of the Bruin Theatre on Broxton. In it, a team of spontaneous 'dancers' put on an offbeat show while puzzled Westwood bystanders are caught on film reacting to the impromptu piece of street performance.

Westwood has always been and will probably always be known as a 'student area,' simply by virtue of its adjacency to UCLA (and the related student traffic that brings in). It is one of the few neighborhoods in LA that people navigate by foot. Its small village atmosphere is partly responsible for that. But it is also conveniently located to Wilshire Blvd.'s many bus lines.

Addition Building & Design appreciates the importance of building & remodeling to maintain the picturesque quality of this lovely area. We have been trusted in many of the homes in Westwood and are conscious of the need to take special care of the historic area.


From the auspicious zip codes of 90210 to many acres of open space, Brentwood is a magnificent town which we are proud to keep looking beautiful with great designs and quality work.