General Contractor in Hancock Park


Based in the nearby community of Hancock Park, Addition Building & Design, Inc. has close ties to and years of experience working in the town of Hancock Park California. We offer General Contracting services to:


Property owners

Residential Home owners


Small and Large Businesses

Office space tenant improvements, additions and new construction


Banks, Mortgage Companies, Real Estate Managers

Foreclosure unit renovation, preparation and expansions


John Burrough Middle School


El Royale

Burbank Facts

Zip Codes:90004

Area code: 747 and 818

Population: 10,761

County: Los Angeles

State: California





The City of Hancock Park, California

In August 1948, singer Nat King Cole purchased a house from Col. Harry Gantz, the former husband of silent film actress Lois Weber, in the all-white Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The Ku Klux Klan, still active in Los Angeles well into the 1950s, responded by placing a burning cross on his front lawn. Members of the property-owners association told Cole they did not want any undesirables moving into the neighborhood. Cole famously retorted, "Neither do I. And if I see any undesirables coming in here, I'll be the first to complain."[


From the auspicious zip codes of 90004 to many acres of open space, Burbank is a magnificent town which we are proud to keep looking beautiful with great designs and quality work.