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Based in the nearby community of Sherman Oaks, Addition Building & Design, Inc. has close ties to and years of experience working in the town of Agoura, California. We offer General Contracting services to:


Property owners

Residential Houses, condominiums, office buildings and retail space, etc.


Small and Large Businesses

Office space tenant improvements, additions and new construction


Banks, Mortgage Companies, Real Estate Managers

Foreclosure unit renovation, preparation and expansions


Agoura Facts

Zip Codes:


Area code:805


County:  Ventura

State: California





Agoura, California

The origin of the name "Moorpark" is unknown, but several sources have been suggested. Of these most sources agree that its origin was Admiral Lord Anson's estate Moor Park in Hertfordshire, England where he introduced the apricot in 1688.[11][12][13] It is mainly believed that the town of Moorpark is named after the Moorpark apricot, which used to grow in the area. One other theory of the name is that when the Southern Pacific Railroad was surveying the local land in the 19th century for its railway, someone in the party said that the area, with its sloping hills, looked like the Scottish Moors. Hence the name Moorpark

The valley where Moorpark is located was originally inhabited by the Chumash. A Chumash village named Quimisac was located in what is now known as Happy Camp. The area was later part of the large Rancho Simi land grant given in 1795 to the Pico brothers (Javier, Patricio, and Miguel) by Governor Diego de Borica of Alta California.

Addition Building & Design appreciates the importance of building & remodeling to maintain the picturesque quality of this lovely area. We have been trusted in many of the homes in Moorpark and are conscious of the need to take special care of the historic area in zip codes



to many acres of open space, Agoura is a magnificent town which we are proud to keep looking beautiful with great designs and quality work.